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We are an authorized dealer of Avian Adventures bird cages, the #1 brand name available today. Over the past decade, no other online retailer has sold more Avian Adventures cages! Browse below and don't forget to use the 'sort by' drop-down you see to your right. We have all Avian Adventures cages sorted from cheapest to most expensive by default, but use the sort option that fits you best!

Their highly-reputable brand name cages come in a wide variety of styles, colors, materials, and designs. No matter what your bird needs, Avian Adventures will have your solution. Your pet deserves to live in style and so do you; these habitats are pleasant on the eye and will wonderfully compliment any room in your home. Are you confused about what type of cage your bird desires? Whether they want a playtop, dometop, open top, or flight cage, you can let our customer experience agents help walk you through the options.

Bird Cages Now is dedicated to helping you find the perfect home for your feathered friend. We have been in the business of helping bird lovers find parrot cages for nearly 10 years now, so there's no one better to put your trust in. If you aren't sure what cage is right for your bird, start off by reading our Bird Cage Selection Tips Guide and our Bar Spacing Guide. These articles are absolutely priceless and will steer you in the right direction!