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  1. Great Cage

    Posted by Marina H. on 11th Oct 2013

    We just received the grande playtop cage for our Scarlet Macaw bird. The size is just perfect as our bird only uses it to sleep inside, the he stays and plays on on the playtop all day. The only recommendation I would give to the manufacturer of these cages is to secure the feeding bowls that sit on the playtop, our Macaw pulled it out and dumped it on the floor the first time we put it up. We are using some paper clips to hold them tight.

  2. Worth the wait

    Posted by Becky Thorpe on 24th Mar 2013

    It took a little while to get here but was well worth the wait. Our best friends and neighbors own this same model and have been telling us we needed one for years. We are so grateful to them for the lovely recommendation. Harold and I couldn't be happier with our choice.

  3. Playtops are so fun!

    Posted by Mary Bespoke on 20th Mar 2013

    I have really been thinking about upgrading from a dometop to a playtop for a long time. The play set has been okay but it takes up so much more space in my tiny apartment. If I had more space it would be fine, but I barely have enough space for my own stuff! After getting this cage I have really been able to condense the space. I definitely recommend getting one!

Avian Adventures Grande Playtop Bird Cage





Product Description

Bird Species:

This model is ideal for Macaws, Amazons, African Greys, Cockatoos (and great for Sugar Gliders & Reptiles too)

Product Highlights:

  • Completely non-toxic, safe powder-coating won't harm your bird.
  • Three beautiful color options: Textured Pearl White, Textured Platinum, and Glossy Ruby Red.
  • Bolts and screws not required for assembly.
  • Feeder doors with solid backs to prevent seed throwing during feeding.
  • Each door (feeder and front access) includes patented bird-proof locks pictured below.
  • Easy open feeder doors to change food and water.
  • Included bowls are genuine 304-grade stainless steel & dishwasher safe.
  • Large front door so your bird can access the cage without being injured.
  • Included perches are made from 100% genuine Yellow Cow Wood.
  • Expertly designed to allow climbing with two sides of horizontal bars and two sides of vertical bars.
  • Includes a slide-out metal grate for conveniently easy cleaning.
  • Carefully measured so that your bird can't escape when grate has been removed.
  • Includes slide-out metal tray for simplified waste removal.
  • Features a seed skirt which can be easily be removed.
  • Gentle glide non-marking casters allow you to simply and easily move the cage around.
  • Playtop design allows extra space for your bird to roam, play, and stay happy. Being able to get out of the enclosure for fun and exercise is vital to your bird's health.
  • Playtop includes it's own slide-out metal tray to prevent droppings from entering the cage.
  • Compare with the dometop version - The Avian Adventures Grande Dometop
  • Get $5 off the order total when you bundle your purchase with the 4030PT cage cover!


Towering at a total of over six feet from the floor to the top of the playtop, this majestic cage is unmatched in beauty, quality, and functionality. Investing in the Grande Playtop says a lot about you as a bird owner - you love your pet and truly desire to take great care of it. You and your pet will both glow with pride as they explore their new home, climbing and playing on all the carefully designed features of this beautiful cage.

Convenience is the mark of a truly great enclosure, and this model is packed with features designed to make your life as easy as possible. There are a total of four easily removable pieces to make cleaning a breeze, including a slide-out metal grate, slide-out bottom metal tray for waste disposal, removable seed skirt, and separate removable tray for the play top which prevents droppings from getting into the main cage. Cleaning has never been easier, and the quality construction and design of this cage mean that you won't have to worry about it falling apart during cleanings.

Your bird's mental well-being is of the utmost importance and providing it with plenty of playing options plays a huge part. This cage was designed to keep them thoroughly entertained, with two different bar directions on the sides of the cage (two sections have horizontal bars, two sections have vertical bars), two natural yellow cow wood perches, and a play top featuring ladders and space for toys, your birds curiosity and appetite for fun will be taken well care of. They will also be able to easily enter and exit the enclosure without worrying about injury thanks to the extra large main entry door. Invest in this cage today - you and your bird will be happy you did!

Avian Adventures authorized online retailer logo Avian Adventures Grande bird cage line

Key Specifications:
  • Bar Spacing: 1"
  • Bar Gauge: 1/4"
  • Cage Weight: 234 lbs
  • Internal Dimensions:
    42"(W) x 30"(D) x 48"(H)
  • External Dimensions:
    42"(W) x 30"(D) x 73"(H)
Technical Details:
  • Brand name: Avian Adventures
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Shipping cost: Free freight shipping within mainland USA. Additional shipping costs will apply for shipments outside mainland USA.
  • Shipping time: Typically, freight shipping will get your product to you in 1-2 weeks.
  • Packages: 3
  • Slide-out grate: 1
  • Slide-out tray: 2
  • Feeder doors: 3
  • Breeder doors: 0
  • Perches: 2
  • Finish: Powder-coating

Available in these beautiful colors:
Avian Adventures ruby red glossy finish Avian Adventures textured platinum finish Avian Adventures textured pearl white finish
Ruby Platinum Pearl White

Features patented bird-proof locks!

Avian Adventures patented bird-proof lock

Shipping Details:

  • Free shipping! Allow 2 business days for processing.
  • Ships freight. Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

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