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4 Things to Do for Optimal Budgie Health


#1: What Comforts Parakeets

Parakeets, also known as budgies are lovable and sweet little birds that can be a fabulous addition to your family but they do need to be cared for and made to feel loved according to this article by Amanda Williams for pawnation.com. There are many ways to make your little birdie feel loved, but this article talks about several specific ways that will help your new feathered family member feel right at home. With a new budgie, the first secret to helping them feel at home is to go slow. After letting your new feathered friend get used to his new environment, for a few days, and only approaching them with food and water changes, you can slowly begin to get to know each other. You’ll definitely want to read the full article here in order to get some great advice on how to make your new budgie a true member of your family and make them feel right at home.

#2: How to get my Budgie to Love Me

From proper cage placement to quality time, there are many ways to get your budgie to love you according to this article by Madeline Masters for pets.thenest.com. Making sure your budgie’s cage is a true safe haven for her and making sure you spend enough time loving and touching and playing with your budgie will go a long way toward developing a relationship that will make you all feel like family. In addition, Madeline tells us that training time is bonding time and having your birdie trained will allow her to bond more closely with your family, so it’s very important to make that a priority once your feathered friend is settled in. Get all the fabulous tips and tricks by reading the full article here.

#3: A Budgie Breeding Diet

If you’re thinking about breeding your budgie pair, there’s quite a few things to do before that process begins and according to this article posted on Cutelittlebirdiesaviary.com, it all starts with a good diet. Just as human women often go on prenatal vitamins before they get pregnant and while they are pregnant, it’s very important to make sure your budgies are on the right diet before you let them mate so that they have the very best chance of having healthy offspring. The article goes into great details on just what this diet should be for both parents and how soon before you let them mate to begin this diet switch. In addition, it gives you great tips on feeding once the new chicks arrive. There’s a wealth of information to receive by reading the full article here.

#4: Step-By-Step Training for Budgies/Parakeets & Cockatiels

Diane Grindol writing for birdchannel.com gives us an incredibly in depth article on how to train your budgie or cockatiel. Because these wonderful birds are so loving and affectionate, training them allows them to be a bigger part of your family and life. It’s great to have your birds out of their cages, but if you can’t control them when they are, then it can get pretty crazy really quick. In addition, your training time with your bird will create an even stronger bond. Get all of the fabulous information on how to train your favorite feathered friend by reading the full article here

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