3 Easy Tips for First-Time Budgie Owners

Arguably one of the more popular birds to own as a pet around the world, budgies are traditionally a go to species for many first time bird owners.

More commonly known as parakeets, budgies come in two different species, either the American budgie or the English budgie, with the American budgie being the one you will commonly find in a pet store today. Just like any other pet, these birds require attention and proper care to keep them healthy and prolonging their lifespans.

If you think you are ready to get one of these friendly, colorful birds for yourself, here are a few helpful tips on proper care.

Interacting With Your Budgie

One of the more friendly and charming birds found in homes today, the budgie makes an excellent companion due to its mellow attitude and interactive personality. Getting to know your budgie and developing its interactive skills is one of the best ways you can have fun with your bird.

These animals can easily mimic what you are saying, much like a traditional parrot, making them a very fun pet to have. If you are looking to get your budgie started on this path, getting it comfortable with you will be the first and most important step.

Read books, sing, and talk to the bird often so it can grow accustomed to your voice. Allowing the bird to rest on your finger or eat out of your hand are both good ways to continue to grow the bird's comfortability with you, which will only improve your experience as a budgie owner.

The Cage

Another key aspect to keeping your budgie happy and healthy is by selecting the right size cage for them. While they are typically not very large birds, you should certainly be sure to select a larger cage for them so they have enough room for toys, food, water, and to get some brief flying and exercise from the edges of the cage.

When it comes to the design of the cage, horizontal cage bars are one of the best features you can have to give your bird the most easiest possible way to get their climbing in around the cage.

Feeding Your Budgie

Arguably the most important aspect of any pet care is the proper nutrition for the animal, and the same goes as far as budgies are concerned. These incredible words can live on a balanced diet of seeds and pellets, with the addition of some vegetables such as carrots, corn, and beans, along with some varieties of fresh fruit and plenty of water. As long as you keep the bird's diet healthy and balanced, you will prolong its lifespan by many years.

If you have just picked up a budgie or are considering doing so, be sure to follow some of these helpful tips and tricks to ensure your bird lives a full and happy life.

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