The Best Cages for Your Budgie

Although a budgie is a small bird, (budgie is short for ‘budgerigar’, and otherwise known as a ‘parakeet’), it definitely needs room to spread its wings in more ways than one. When choosing the best size cage for your budgie, you need to consider adequate space for the budgie to fly, hop, eat, drink, play, and go the bird restroom. This may add up to a lot more space than you originally considered!

There also needs to be adequate room for toys, like mirrors and swings, and stationary perches. If you love your bird, you’ll love making him or her happy. So read on to find out how…

Budgies are very physical birds, so they will need space in which to express themselves. What does that mean? Well, it may mean more than just one toy or one perch.

If you create ladders with your perches to provide some exercise equipment for your budgie, you’re going to require a cage that has sufficient height. As far as width, remember, your budgie will appreciate space between his different activity zones, so the food area should be kept from the play area, which should be kept from the perch area.

Ideally, you also want the bird restroom to exist in one area as opposed to everywhere.


First off, think about your budgie’s wingspan. He needs to fully extend his wings without hitting the sides of the cage or anything in it. Being able to fly from side to side would be preferable as well!

The smallest recommended cage size is 12-by-18-by-18 inches for one bird. If you have two birds, you need to enlarge that size to 39-by-20-by-32 inches.

If you intend to keep your budgie in the cage the majority of the time, opt for the larger cage size mentioned above or anything larger than 12-by-18-by-18 inches. 30-by-18-by-18 inch cages are also recommended, as well as 32-by-32-by-59 (with one door) or 32-by-21-by-35 inch cages (with two doors).

For all cages, make sure that the cage bars are horizontal and no more than ½ inch apart to keep your budgie safe. You can explore different types of cages, like Victorian, flat top, open top, octagon-shaped, or corner-fitting, but rectangular may be the best choice for your budgie and his or her horizontal flying patterns.

Budgies prefer a wall behind at least one side of the cage for the creation of a safe haven. You want to choose a toxin-free metal cage, so look to stainless steel. Check online as well as in pet stores, and always buy a new cage for safety’s sake.

Keep the cage away from windows and thus direct sunlight, and avoid placing the cage in the kitchen due to its excessive heat and fumes. Finally, cover the cage at night to further the idea of a safe, dark haven. Look for wooden or rope perches to protect your budgie’s talons, but place the wooden perches higher in the cage as budgies tend to like to perch up high.

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