The Importance of Choosing the Perfect Bird Cage

One’s home often reflects and says a lot about one’s personality. For the majority of us, our dream home is the largest that we can afford, built with all the necessities that we need, and is located in an environment that we feel comfortable in.

When looking for your birds new home, you should look with similar aspirations, for the safety, health, and pique of personality of both you and your bird.

Important features

No matter what bird you have, the first thing you should look for is the size for your bird’s new home, as discussed on our homepage: This helps lay the foundation of what the bird can and can’t do.

For example, getting a larger sized cage for the bird will open up the opportunity for him to be able to fly throughout the cage, will allow him to stretch his wings, and most importantly let him grow into the cage as time passes. The bar spacing should be sized appropriately as to prevent escape and injuries but also to promote physical activity, such as climbing, flying, or playing.

Many owners skip over the fact that birds are not the only ones that will be taking up space in the birdcage. Toys, food dishes, water bowls, treat dispensers, and perches are all essential items that will help stimulate intelligence and instincts in your bird, without him feeling overcrowded with accessories if the proper cage is selected.

With the extreme variety of colors, sizes, safety features, and styles, often times it becomes difficult for a bird owner to pick the perfect bird cage that is in their budget, but by understanding the differences that each style offers, the benefits of each safety feature, and the instincts and tendencies of the bird that will be housing the cage, choosing a the perfect birdcage is no longer something to ruffle your feathers about.

Although it will seem like there is a different style cage for each of the 9,000 known bird species, bird cages can easily be broken down into four styles.

The type of cage you choose should be centered on numerous factors. It should be appropriately sized.

It should be safe, yet comfortable and relaxing for your bird. It should encourage your bird’s physical activity and natural instincts such as, flying, climbing, etc.

Finally, it should include features that will be appealing to your bird and will allow cage maintenance to be a faster, easier, process. This will free up time so that you can spend it more with your feathered companions!

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