The Necessity of a Bird Cage Cover

Bird cage covers are an underestimated necessity for pet bird maintenance than owners may think. They are useful tools in encouraging the right amount of sleep that is crucial for the bird's overall health.

Although it does help encourage the right amount of sleep, curtains also give birds a sense of security, help contain a lot of mess, and protect from drafty rooms.

While they are not an absolutely necessary accessory, bird owners like yourself may find that covers for the birds help establish sleeping patterns that benefit both the bird and themselves, which in the long run, help eliminate behavioral issues.

Establishing Proper Sleep Patterns

Most pet owners buy cage covers in order to encourage their bird to sleep. Depending on the breed, many companion birds can require up to twelve hours of sleep to ensure that they remain healthy. Adults do not require this much sleep.

This is why it is recommended to create an environment that will allow birds to sleep, despite the normal activities of daily living, such as lights or noises that will inevitably take place in homes. Due to birds being extremely sensitive to light, bird cage curtains are especially helpful during the times of the year that have minimal darkness.

Bird cage veils are not in any shape or form considered cruel. Just like people hang curtains over windows to darken their rooms, bird owners can use cage curtains to help lengthen the time period their birds sleep.

Not only do curtains help promote birds to sleep for longer periods of time, but they can help owners control the time in which the birds sleep. For example, a noisy bird can wake up their owner before they are ready to face the day. The use of bird cage covers signals to birds that it is time for them to sleep.

Adequate sleep reduces the occurrence of behavior problems stemming from irritability such as excessive squawking and aggression, and ultimately leads to happier, healthier, owners and birds.

Do They Really Help Regulate Temperature?

Cage curtains can also be useful in maintaining a stable environment within enclosures. It is quite difficult for veils to increase the overall temperature within a cage directly, since birds are not large enough to create the body heat necessary to make much of a temperature difference with a large amount of space between themselves and the cage perimeter.

Although they can’t directly increase temperatures within the cage, covers are still useful in eliminating drafts, thus helping in maintaining some environmental consistency. Of course the quality and thickness of a bird cage curtain can also play a major role in the amount of draft protection and temperature regulation that occurs within the cage.

Popular belief serves right when it comes to curtains prolonging the life of a bird home, making them a worthy investment.

Whether it be helping your bird’s sleeping patterns, preventing drafts from affecting his/her health, and preventing behavioral problems in the future such as excessive squawking, bird cage covers are an essential item that every owner should have in order to help both their birds and themselves.  

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