These are the Best Birds for Your Kid

If you have a child that is in their younger years, chances are they may be constantly pestering you to adopt some sort of pet into the home. Whether it is a dog, a cat, a bird, or a fish, children often become fascinated with these animals, yet owning one can be a real burden on many families.

While many traditional pets such as dogs and cats need constant attention and care, a bird is an excellent alternative for those looking for a pet that won't require as much attentive care. If you are on the fence about a bird for your child or are confused on which kind to get, here are some helpful tips on popular species that are perfect for children of any age.


While there is certainly no clear cut winner as the best bird to select for a pet, a very strong argument can be made for budgies. These birds, which are a part of the parrot family, are arguably the most interactive and friendly birds to own, as they will gladly hang out on your shoulder or hand as you stroll around the house.

Their laid back personality makes them a perfect loving companion for anyone looking to own a pet, but doesn't want the stress of constant attention and maintenance. A little interaction each day, and this bird will become your best friend in no time.


If the budgie isn't the most popular bird to own for a pet, than the obvious option would have to be a finch.

You should typically invest in two of these birds to keep each other company, as these birds do not always enjoy much human interaction or attention, but are still excellent birds to have as a pet as they are very low maintenance on all fronts.


If neither the budgie or finch is for you, a canary is an excellent option to adopt and give any child as a first pet is the canary.

These bright yellow birds are one of the most recognizable pet birds in the world today, and can easily keep themselves entertained for hours on end by whistling a lovely song.

A very low maintenance bird, this one doesn't ever need to come out of its cage, as long as you keep it fed and watered and clean the cage on a regular basis.

So if your child is constantly asking for a pet, consider one of these fine birds as a quality alternative to the traditional dog or cat. 

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