Why Should You Have a Pet Bird?

Shopping for a Small Pet? 10 Reasons to Consider this Family Pet

In this article by Dr. Becker for Healthypets.mercola.com, they examine the pros and cons of bird ownership as well as what is really involved to make sure that both your bird and your family are going to be a good match. Birds, particularly parrots, cockatoos and the like live quite long so you’ll want to make sure that you’re both going to be well suited to each other.

The article goes into great detail looking at both sides of each consideration to help you make a good decision about pet bird ownership. You’ll want to get all the fascinating facts by reading the full article here.

Reason No. 1: They Can Talk!

Written by a true bird lover, this article by Meagan Morris for sheknows.com gives you some great reasons a bird can be a great pet, and a wonderful addition to your life. Much cheaper to feed than dogs and cats, and much longer lived in many cases, a bird can be an amazing addition to your family.

In addition to be being relatively cheap to feed, they’re also very social and easy to take care of, though they do need quite a bit of attention to be truly happy. Many landlords don’t consider birds in the category that requires a pet deposit, saving you money again.

The article is full of fun tips and reasons why you might do well to make your next pet a bird. Read the full article here.

The Benefits of Bird Ownership


Having any pet can be very good for your health, but according to this article by Dr. Eloise Bright for lovethatpet.com, having a bird that can also talk to you is even better. Having a speaking bird such as a parrot can be very helpful in combatting loneliness and teaching it tricks can help you stay sharp as well.

Parrots and other birds of that type can live up to eighty years or more which means they will be a lifelong friend and part of the family that will age as you do. Dr. Bright points out many benefits to bird ownership for every member of the family and you’ll definitely want to get them all when you read the full article here.

10 Things You Need to Know Before Adopting a Bird

Owning a bird is not like owning a dog or a cat. They have their own special needs and their own special things you need to watch out for and be aware of.

In this article by Monica Engebretson for Petfinder.com she gives you a lot of worse case scenarios for bird ownership and things you should really think about before taking the plunge. Birds seem very easy to care for, and to be sure their food is cheaper, but they have a lot of special needs that if not attended to will deteriorate their health and in some cases, put your in jeopardy.

You’ll want to read the full article here so you are well informed about what’s really involved with owning a bird. 

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