3221FT - 32" (Width) x 21" (Depth) Flat Top Cage Cover

3221FT - 32" (Width) x 21" (Depth) Flat Top Cage Cover

3221FT - 32" (Width) x 21" (Depth) Flat Top Cage Cover

  • $84.95

Product Highlights:

  • Expertly crafted for flat-top bird and parrot cages measuring 30-32” wide and 21” deep.
  • The length of this cover is 45" from top to bottom.
  • Your cover comes in a versatile package that includes a secure hook for hanging and storing while not in use.
  • Crafted from a new poly-cotton mixture that's thin, yet surprisingly tough.
  • The poly-cotton mix has been thoroughly tested and found to be completely non-toxic.
  • The washing machine safe material makes cleaning time a breeze.
  • Using a cover is vital to your bird's health and happiness as it provides for restful nights of sleep.
  • The poly-cotton mixture easily allows oxygen in but keeps cool winds out.
  • You can easily place or remove your bird without the need to remove the cover by utilizing the folding front flaps.
  • Sturdy Velcro material allows you to tighten or loosen the cover as necessary.
  • Each cover cleverly displays the beautiful 'Cozzzy Covers' embroidered logo.

The 3221FT fits the following popular flat-top cage models:

Shipping Details:

  • Ships in 1-2 business days.
  • Free Shipping! Usually via FedEx.

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