Avian Adventures Bird Cages

We are an authorized dealer of Avian Adventures bird cages, the #1 high-end brand name available today. Over the past decade, no other online retailer has sold more Avian Adventures cages! 

Avian Adventures is the line of bird cages from MidWest Homes for Pets. These highly-reputable brand name cages come in a wide variety of styles, colors, sizes, and designs.

No matter what your bird needs, Avian Adventures by MidWest will have your solution. Designed specifically with bird safety and flight habits in mind, these non-toxic, powder-coated cages come in glossy and textured finishes that will look great in your home!

These cages are equipped with bird-proof locks, stainless steel dishwasher-safe bowls, and natural hardwood perches made from durable Mangrove hardwood. Choose from either a Platinum, Pearl White, or Ruby finish for your selected powder-coated cage.

The best part about these high-end cages? No tools required for assembly! The innovative interlocking panel design of each cage makes for a quick and hassle-free assembly. Not to mention the extra safety by not having any nuts or bolts protruding out.

Your feathered friend deserves to live in style and so do you! These habitats are pleasant on the eye and will wonderfully complement any room in your home.

They come in every style from dome tops, play tops, flight cage, breeder cage, and even a hotel travel cage. We definitely have something fit for your fine feathered friend! 

Not only do we have something to meet your bird's needs, but your own needs as a bird owner. These Avian Adventures cages are aesthetically pleasing and will look great in any home. We guarantee that you will find a cage in the style and color you desire to fit your home and better yet, a beautiful environment for your bird to thrive.

This brand of cages is even designed for easy cleaning with a slide-out metal tray to get rid of wastes and opening feeder doors so you don't have to go inside the cage. They are made with you and your bird's best interest in mind!

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