Aviary Add-Ons

An aviary is a perfect way to show your love for your pet birds and create the ultimate experience for them in your home. With the add-ons below, you can take your bird's living environment to the next level!

Each of the walk-in aviaries on our store has an accompanying rolling base available as well. These bases make it extremely easy and convenient to move your aviary and also make clean-up a breeze with the multiple slide-out grates and trays.

The two most popular aviaries have side door attachments available as well! These attachments drastically improve the safety and security by creating a separate chamber at the cage entrance. When used correctly, these side door attachments guarantee that no birdies will escape their home and become feathered fugitives.

Note that you can only add-on either a base OR a side door attachment to each aviary at this time, as the bases do not extend out to also include the side door compartments.