2822DT - 26-28" (Width) x 20-24" (Depth) Dometop Cage Cover

2822DT - 26-28" (Width) x 20-24" (Depth) Dometop Cage Cover

2822DT - 26-28" (Width) x 20-24" (Depth) Dometop Cage Cover

  • $84.95

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Product Highlights:

  • Carefully measured for dometop bird and parrot cages ranging from 26-28” wide and 20-24” deep.
  • The length of this cover is 46" from top to bottom.
  • Covers are conveniently packaged with a secure hook to allow you to hang the cover when not in use.
  • Ultra-thin and durably tough poly-cotton mix is made from top-quality materials.
  • The poly-cotton mix is also thoroughly tested to be completely non-toxic for your pet.
  • Cleaning has never been easier than with this totally washing machine safe material.
  • Using a cover is the perfect way to create the natural darkness your pet needs to rest well.
  • Your bird will breath naturally as oxygen easily flows into the cage while blocking any potential breezes.
  • You won't have to remove the cover for your feathered friend to enter and exit the cage; the front flap easily folds up to allow access to the enclosure.
  • Velcro is strategically placed on the cover to allow easy loosening and tightening.
  • The elegant 'Cozzzy Covers' embroidered logo shows off the quality of your purchase.

The 2822DT fits the following popular dometop cage models:

  • AE 2-2620
  • HQ 2-2620
  • Kings ELT4 2620 (Economy Line Medium Triple Top)
  • Kings ELT 2724 (Economy Line Tall Cage)
  • Kings 206 (European Style Napoleon Top)
  • Kings 207 (European Style Napoleon Top)
  • Kings 207SS (Stainless Steel Matte European 207 Napoleon Top)
  • Kings 207SS-New (Stainless Steel Polished)
  • Kings 2620-N (Napoleon)
  • Kings LUX 2822 (Luxury Line Open Top)
  • Kings SLT4 2620ARCH (Superior Line Arch Top)
  • All other dometop bird cages 26-28 inches wide and 20-24 inches deep

Shipping Details:

  • Ships in 1-2 business days
  • Free Shipping! Usually via FedEx.

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