3630DT - 34-36" (Width) x 24-30" (Depth) Dometop Cage Cover

3630DT - 34-36" (Width) x 24-30" (Depth) Dometop Cage Cover

3630DT - 34-36" (Width) x 24-30" (Depth) Dometop Cage Cover

  • $114.95

Product Highlights:

  • Specially designed for dometop bird and parrot cages from 34-36” wide and 24-30” deep.
  • The length of this cover is 60" from top to bottom.
  • Made from a revolutionary poly-cotton mix is completely non-toxic.
  • Covers come in versatile packaging that features a sturdy hook for storage in any closet.
  • The new poly-cotton mixture is thin, durable, and long-lasting.
  • Cleaning is a breeze with the totally washing machine safe material.
  • The deep colored cover creates the natural darkness that bird's need to get restful sleep and stay healthy.
  • Oxygen freely flows into the cage through the material while keeping out cold breezes.
  • The front section conveniently opens and folds over the top so that you can place or remove your bird without the need to remove the cover completely.
  • Cover features securely attached Velcro allowing you to tighten or loosen the cover as necessary.
  • Subtly adorned with the beautiful 'Cozzzy Covers' embroidered logo.

The 3630DT fits the following popular dometop cage models:

  • Avian Adventures Mediana Dometop
  • AE 9003628
  • HQ 9003628
  • Kings 9003628
  • Kings ELT 3628 (Economy Line Large Parrot Cage)
  • Kings 137 (European Style)
  • Kings 306SS (Stainless Steel European Style Large Napoleon Top)
  • All other dometop bird cages 34-36 inches wide and 24-30 inches deep

Shipping Details:

  • Ships in 1-2 business days
  • Free Shipping! Usually via FedEx.

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