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Here at Bird Cages Now we are very selective about the cage brands we carry. Because of our own experience in this market, we strictly carry the top 3 brand names & nothing else. We have found that all other major brands of cages that we've carried have either been loaded with quality issues, or loaded with bird safety issues!

Avian Adventures is our best-selling line of cages and offers elegant powder coated cages for every bird species. While slightly higher priced than other brands, Avian Adventures provides unmatched classic styles in three premium colors that will look great in your home. However, if you are looking for a wider variety of styles and colors, you can't go wrong with A.E. Cages and Prevue Hendryx. These two brands provide a wider selection of sizes, colors, and styles at very affordable prices. Additionally, A.E. Cages produces great stainless steel bird cages if you are interested in the most durable cages on the market today.

Working closely with these high-quality manufacturers has allowed us to offer nearly every size and style combination imaginable for housing your pet bird. We are proud to only sell enclosures that feature safe and durable construction, perfectly mixed with elegant and enticing designs. Pore over our deep selection of bird cages today and you will find the exact style to compliment your home and your pet's needs.

We take great pride in helping you find the perfect match for your feathered friend. If at any time during your research you need advice from an experienced agent, please feel free to contact our customer service department.

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