Canary Bird Cages

domestic canary perched on a tree branchThe beautiful Canary voice has been filling homes with joy since the 17th century, with good reason. This songbird is known for loving visual contact with owners and singing along with your whistles.

Provide your feathered friend the best hand-picked Canary cage to keep her happy and singing all the sweet tunes you desire. Your bird will require a firm commitment lasting many years, and her cage or aviary will need to last as long as possible too!

As frequent flyers, it is important to have a wider rectangular cage (as opposed to a square one) to provide room to spread their wings for exercise back and forth.

You want to stick with Canary flight cages with stands that have bar spacing of 3/8 inch to 1/2 inch, and a minimum area of 24" (Wide) by 18" (Deep). Each of the below options has been hand-selected to satisfy your songbird:

The Full Scoop

Most Canaries do not typically like to play outside their cage, so you will see that most the options above are flat-top flight bird cages and aviaries as opposed to traditional playtops or dometops. But some do!

Invest in one of the high-quality flight aviary homes for sale above to save yourself the hassle of dealing with cheap low-quality units.

Canaries can be trained to be tame and well-behaved out of their enclosure. So we have included a few of the best travel and breeding enclosures to fit this small breed which is quiet and well-suited for apartments.

Whether you plan on letting your Canary out or not, the cages by species selection above includes the best enclosure setups available on the market today. You can't go wrong with any of them for other smaller pet birds or parrots!