Best Cockatiel Bird Cages

smiling cockateil bird

Cockatiels are the second most popular pet birds on Earth (after Budgies) for many reasons: A sweet demeanor, vibrant colors, and highly social temperament.

By choosing an amazing little Tiel, you have already made an excellent decision...

...why not make another excellent choice to give your beautiful bird the best Cockatiel cage as well?

Tiels thrive in a unit with bar spacing of 1/2" to 5/8" and a minimum cage size of 20" (Wide) x 20" (Deep) x 24" (Height). Ideally you will want to buy the biggest option available within those spacing requirements - especially to provide extra space for large Cockatiels.

Our expert team has collected the perfect array of small to large enclosure sizes for you to choose from below, with each option a perfect setup for your Cockatiel:

So Many Choices...

Each Cockatiel enclosure for sale above has been hand-picked by our staff because they are fantastic choices and ideally the best for your pet bird. Feel free to read through as many setup options as you like, with popular models with stands made from stainless steel, or with various enclosure tops like the classic Victorian, play top, dome top, and mixed tops.

The perfect cage setup for Cockatiels vs Cockatoos and most parrots is one with horizontal bars on two sides of the enclosure and vertical bars on the other two sides. This will ensure your Tiel can climb up and down any side using either their beaks or a combination of their beaks and feet depending on the layout.

As long as you opt for the right bar spacing and cage size, your Australian parrot will be able to flourish and grow into his cheeky personality. He will stand with you for many years to come - show him how much you really care by not going cheap and investing in a durable habitat that is truly built to last.

At Bird Cages Now, we have cage options for most species. Whatever you are looking for, we have something to offer you and your feathered friend.