Cockatoo Bird Cages

white cockatoo perched in a tree

Many bird enthusiasts proudly proclaim the Cockatoo species as the smartest birds in the parrot family...

Creative, deceptively fun and charismatic, these 'Toos are demanding pets that love owners to keep them intellectually stimulated.

Prove your own intelligence by investing in the best Cockatoo bird cage for your feathered friend.

Each parrot enclosure shown below has been hand-picked by our expert team to be perfect for the larger Umbrella, Black Palm, Sulphur Crested, Major Mitchell's, and Moluccan Cockatoos.

We recommend a bar spacing of 1 inch to 1.5 inches, and a minimum internal cage size of 36" (Width) x 48" (Depth) x 48" (Height) for these big, energetic parrots.

We both know that your companion will be a part of your family for decades to come. You can trust that these large Cockatoo cages are built to last, made with quality materials perfect for holding up to even the strongest beaks.

Time To Make The Right Choice

The wide selection of enclosures for sale above includes every size and feature combination imaginable to get just the right habitat for your 'Too. Choose from several different colors, tops, and materials to suit you and your Cockatoo's needs.

Large Cockatoos tend to love being out in the open, so be sure to check out our open top, playtop and split top enclosures to keep them stimulated. We carry only the leading names in the industry to make for the best bird cages for every species.

Ensure the enclosure you choose is tall enough to accommodate your bird's impressive head comb and wide enough for their impressively large wingspan.

Do you have a smaller Goffin's, Galah (Rose-Breasted), or Bare-Eyed Cockatoo? Then see this page specifically for Small Cockatoos.

If you feel like a 'Too might be too much for you to handle right now, you should consider their little brother the Cocktail. To learn what makes each of these parrots unique, check out our page on the differences between Cockatoos and Cockatiels.