Playtop Bird Cages

A play top bird cage is a great way to get a recreation area and main cage for your bird together in one single item. Unlike dome top cages, the best play top cages have a playpen built right onto them.

Birds love coming out of their enclosure, whether it's a play top parrot cage or another type of home. This type of habitat gives you the flexibility to leave the door open for those birds who will stick around and play.

We have a plethora of these options for sale, from small to large, and in many colors for you to choose from for your next unit:

The convenience of having an all-in-one playtop cage cannot be overstated - no longer is it necessary to have a separate station or parrot playstand detached from your bird's home.

Attaching food cups and pet bird toys to the rooftop area can provide your pet with even more entertainment to keep them active throughout the day.

If you have a bird that doesn't "flee" whenever given the opportunity, you can actually leave the front door open and allow your bird to come and go on its play top as it pleases.

This is a great way to let your bird get exercise on top of the cage whenever he wants to!

Our team at Bird Cages Now gathered a wide selection of playtop cages for you to browse today - we have the perfect sized enclosure for your feathered friend no matter what their species. You will also find several style choices to complement any room in your home.