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Medium Size Bird Cages

Our medium bird cages are perfect for those "in-betweener" species. Those types of birds that are too large for the small cages & too small for the large cages. Specifically, the following species generally fit into the medium category: Conures, Eclectus, smaller African Greys, smaller Amazons & smaller Cockatoos. Although, if you are the owner of a smaller species or multiple birds, feel free to give them extra space to enjoy themselves. Just be sure to check our bar spacing guide before choosing a mediums size enclosure to make sure your your bird will be safe inside. We have every style imaginable and enclosures made by strictly the best manufacturers. These cages are built to keep your bird safe and your home beautiful.

Once you've chosen a medium cage for your bird, check the bar spacing guide to make sure the cage you've selected has the correct bar spacing for your species. Also note that the bird cage buying tips article can't help you consider many issues you never considered (or realized that you needed to consider). You can also contact one of our expert customer service representatives for personal advice on the perfect habitat for your bird.

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