The Best Heated Bird Baths For Winter
Deck-Mounted & Pedestal Options Reviewed
(Most Trusted Brands)

During the cold winter days, birds find it hard to get a water source to drink and bathe. But they will still struggle to get from insects and the snow.

This is the perfect chance to attract them to your bird bath.

Unfortunately, most bird baths or water feeders will also be frozen solid during this season.

But that’s only if you aren’t using a heated bird bath.

With a heated bird bath, you can enjoy the spectacle of the birds in your backyard all season long.

Heated birds baths come in various styles and prices.

It all depends on your preference. Say you want to provide water for just birds, or alongside other animals, and also where you like to catch a view of the birds.

More on this in a sec...

With this in mind, I have made a thorough review of the best heated bird baths you can use in your home.

Quick Picks:

  1. Best Overall: Songbird Essentials Heated Bird Bath
  2. Best Deck-Mounted: API Mounted Heated Bird Bath
  3. Best Multi-Purpose: Farm Innovators Model GBD-75 Bird Bath
  4. Best Pedestal Style: Farm Innovators Stone Scalloped Heated Bird Bath

4 Best Heated Bird Baths Reviewed

1. Best Overall - Songbird Essentials Heated Bird Bath

 songbird essentials heated bird bath white background

This is one of the best heated bird baths you can get for aesthetics, value, and functionality.

From a renowned bird company, Songbird Essentials, this stand is constructed with a sturdy cedar material which can withstand the coldest winters and blizzards. Also, the resin bowl is a fine choice for the outdoors and offers good resistance to chemicals and minerals.

The design is also well thought of and beautiful with its overlapping octagonal bath mount.

For easy cleaning, the resin bowl can be removed from the mount.

Most importantly, it does its job of keeping water liquid for the birds in temperatures as low as -25 degrees Fahrenheit thanks to a 60-watt power of heat across the entire pan. It is also thermostatically controlled.

The power cord is tucked discreetly inside the stand to protect it from water.

Although this bird bath may be good for people with just a few feather friends, its 1” depth and 14” width might need to be refilled more often if you feed more birds.

In addition to this, it needs to be assembled for first use if that’s also a drawback for you.


  • Nice octagonal design
  • Sturdy stand made from cedar
  • Resin bowl is easy to clean and withstands elements
  • It has a thermostat controlled heater


  • Shallow basin
  • Requires assembly

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2. Best Deck Mounted - API Mounted Heated Bird Bath

If you want a closer look at the birds while drinking and splashing water on a cold winter day right on your porch, this is the bird bath for you.

This deck mounted heated bird bath from Allied Precision Industries can be mounted to a railing just where you want it.

It has a very simple design but gets the job done.

To point out, its bowl is 2” inches deep and 20” wide which is just the perfect swimming pool for the birds. It ensures that the water doesn’t evaporate or get blown off before the end of a day.

Plus, you can accommodate more birds at a time.

It also easy to dump out water and clean the basin by tilting it on the mount.

Also, it has a thermostat beneath the bowl with a 120-volt power that keeps the water from freezing in temperatures as low as -20°F.  If you aren’t using it on a cold day, you can easily tuck the cord out of sight.

On the contrary, the metal bracket can fit wider railings, 2x8 deck rails and is somewhat flimsy.


  • Simple design
  • Easy to clean
  • Large size for fewer refill periods
  • Thermostat controlled


  • Flimsy bracket

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3. Best Ground Option - Farm Innovators Model GBD-75 Bird Bath

This heated bird bath from Farm Innovators is considered a top-choice if you want to feed not only birds but also other animals like squirrels.

Besides, birds naturally prefer to bath and drink from a water source on the ground.

Its 3-in-1 design gives you the chance to try out a ground bath to see how much you will enjoy your feathered friends and other visitors. It comes with a leg stand to raise it a bit off the dirt.

Alternatively, you can place it on a pedestal or mount it to a deck railing if you can get more birds to come and take a swim or drink at that location. Better still, if you just don’t fancy placing it on the ground.

Its powder coated finishing means it will last years without rusting.

Its thermostat-powered heater uses 60 watts of power and does a good job of actually heating the water in weather as cold as -10°F. The cord can be tucked in during summer when you don’t need the heater.


  • Multi-purpose use – ground bath, clamp, and deck mount
  • Long-lasting powder coating
  • Basin can be easily removed for cleaning
  • Thermostat controlled


  • It is wobbly when mounted
  • Its cord is short and may need an extension cord

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4. Best Pedestal Bath - Farm Innovators Stone Scalloped Heated Bird Bath

For a beautiful pedestal placed strategically in your backyard to attract the birds to take a bath, this Farm Innovators Stone Scalloped Heated Bird Bath is your top choice.

This bird bath has gray stone color and scalloped design which looks like fountain from the renaissance period. It is made to last, doesn’t get blown around by strong wind and has a limited 3-year warranty to as guarantee.

The basin is 1 ½” deep which can hold up to one gallon of water.

Cleaning the basin is a walk in the park and you just have to remove it from the pedestal to clean it conveniently and properly.

The thermostat heater is 120 watts and keeps the water in the basin in a liquid state on even the coldest winter days.

The wiring is hidden within the pedestal and you only need to connect it to an outlet at the bottom of the bird bath.

At first glance, it might seem to be heavy but weighs just about 8 pounds. This, however, also gives the wrong impression that it is flimsy.

What can really be said that’s true is that it is somewhat on the pricey side.


  • Its design looks like a typical concrete pedestal bird bath
  • It is easy to clean
  • Comes with a 3-year limited warranty
  • Built-in extension cord in the pedestal for safety and better look
  • Thermostat controlled


  • Expensive

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Why Should You Consider A Heated Bird Bath?

If you love watching birds, which I’m sure you do, you’ll be willing to attract them to your yard all year long.

#1 Save The Birds and Your Backyard View

Birds find it hard to find water during the winter and expend a lot of energy traveling several miles to find it.

With a heated bird bath, you can provide a stable water source for your backyard birds without worrying about it getting frozen.

And you get to keep the birds coming back to your yard!

close up of two thirsty birds perched in the snow

#2 Attract A Greater Variety of Birds

In winter, hummingbirds and Orioles will migrate to a warmer climate, but you can attract a whole lot of other winter birds your yard using a heated bird heater.

Also, you can attract birds that are not normally interested in feeders, like hawks.

Difference Between A Heated Bird Bath And Bird Bath Heater

A heated bird bath like you already know has an in-built heater in the basin or bath which either uses a thermostat or temperature setting to keep the water liquid in cold temperatures.

On the contrary, a bird bath heater or de-icer is an external heating device you can add to a non-heated bird bath to keep it from freezing.

This is a better choice for bird watchers that do not own a bird bath yet. 

group of birds in warm bird bath water in snow

Is It Expensive To Run A Heated Bird Bath?

Heated bird baths consume an average of 50 kilowatts, but there are some that can use up to 150 kilowatts to remain effective in harsher climates.

Still, it only costs about $1-3/month to run the 50 kilowatts and less than $10 for the max powered heated bird bath.

With thermostatically controlled heated bird baths, that price can drop by almost half. And with solar powered bird baths, the operating cost is $0 thanks to the sun!

In Conclusion...

If you want to provide to drink and bath for your backyard birds in the harsh winter days, an all-in-one heated bird bath comes in handy.

If you are looking for a durable and attractive choice, I’d recommend the Songbird Essentials Heated Bird Bath.

It has a nice octagonal design and its sturdy cedar build will last for many winters to come.