Walk-in Aviaries: Indoor & Outdoor

Aviaries are amazing walk-in enclosures for bird owners that know how to treat their bird!

These owners know how vital it is that their pet bird or parrot gets the exercise they need to stay healthy and happy. If your bird screams a lot and is fidgety, it's extremely likely that they don't have the best bird aviary they need to play and move around freely!

We have a selection of safe and beautiful aviary bird cages made of powder-coated steel and non-toxic paint to keep your bird healthy. We guarantee one of these bird cage styles below will provide the most spacious and safe aviary for your bird to thrive in.

All these walk-in aviary units come with plenty of space to play—both for you and your birds!

Most of these enclosures are loaded with options, including wood perches, feeding stations, and large doors for outdoor fun. Check out each individual aviary cage listing for a full list of convenient and fun features. Additionally, we've got some amazing add-ons for walk-in aviaries to take your setup to the next level.

Who says a small bird should be confined to a small cage? Even the smallest bird deserves a large cage for indoor flight and fun! Birds were made to fly and spread their wings, so that's why our team is devoted to supplying you with a pet product that allows them to do so. Find the walk-in aviary enclosure that best suits your bird(s) below!

Don't forget that we include free shipping with every cage we sell, regardless of size. Your pet bird deserves the best and you are about to give it to them!