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First off, we believe every bird - from the smallest Budgie to the largest Hyacinth Macaw - should have the highest quality living space possible. Regardless of their owner's budget.

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Also, picking the right bird cage for your home should be easy (and fun)! That's why our experts have written the epic Bird Cage Bar Spacing Guide to walk you through the process step-by-step.

Since the correct bar spacing is the most important aspect of selecting a parrot cage, you should take a look at our handy chart in the link above...or you can just choose your bird's breed on this page and eliminate all the guesswork! It's important that the bird cage you select fits well in your home and is also appropriately sized for your bird.

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By the way, we don't just offer enclosures either! While we do focus on cages here (you need a home before you can start decorating it, after all ;) - there are also many accessories available.

We offer bird cage covers by Cozzzy Bird, parrot play stands & bird toys as well - these options are crucial for making the most of your pet's sleep time and play time!

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