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We are one of the nation's top pet parrot cage retailers and are proud to offer you only the very best brand names when looking for where to buy bird cages for sale today.

Currently, we carry Avian Adventures (the best sellers), A&E Cages, and Prevue Hendryx Cages.

In our opinion, these are the only brand names you should even consider reviewing to buy for your feathered friend.

Choosing The Right Parrot & Bird Cages For Your Home

First off, we believe all birds - from the smallest Budgie to the largest Macaw - should have the highest quality living space possible, regardless of their owner's budget. This is definitely not something you want to go cheap on, however, for your pet's safety and well-being.

How much do these bad boys cost? You can find small cages for $100-$300 with large bird cage models running upwards of $700, while stainless dwellings and walk-in bird aviaries coming in at over $1,000 due to their high-quality material & construction...

That's why we offer FREE Shipping on ALL orders within the contiguous U.S. lower 48 states. We don't want you to fear outrageous shipping costs and overblown prices that can come with delivering packages as large as these wrought iron and stainless steel bird cages.

While these parrot spaces are roomy on the inside, they can appear bulky and cumbersome to adjust. Luckily, most modern habitats and aviaries include stands with rolling casters to make moving them around a cinch!

Also, picking the right bird cage for your home should be easy (and fun)! That's why our experts have curated the perfect options for 20+ pet bird species on our Bird Cages By Species Page. Now, cage shopping is as easy as choosing your bird's species and selecting from the narrowed-down list - no more getting overwhelmed by 100's of potential options!

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More Products to Sink Your Beak Into...

By the way, we don't just offer enclosures either! While we do focus on birdie abodes here (you need a home before you can start decorating it, after all ;) - we also supply many cool discount and cheaper accessories to construct the most enjoyable and sustainable habitat.

We offer bird cage covers by Cozzzy Bird, parrot play stands & bird toys as well - these extra options are crucial for making the most of your pet's sleep time and play time!

The many accessories and toys available allow you to build a unique and decorative environment. In addition to the many original and colorful toy designs, you'll find natural and eco-friendly Java wood stands from repurposed coffee trees. These items not only look great, but are also extremely safe and fun settings for your beloved pets. Win-win!

Bird Watching, Anyone?

We also love watching our local birdies play and forage in our backyards! Whether your garden is full of hummingbirds, cardinals, or orioles, there are plenty of options to provide food year-round to your backyard birds.

Not to mention heated bird baths for extra cold climates to quench the thirst of your birds.

Plus, for the more adventurous birders out there you'll want a pair of bird watching binoculars and probably a quality birding camera to take in your surroundings and maximize your bird watching experience.

To Wrap Things Up

One’s home often reflects and says a lot about one’s personality. For the majority of us, our dream home is the largest that we can afford, built with all the necessities that we need, and is located in an environment that we feel comfortable in. When looking for your bird's new home, you should look with similar aspirations, for the safety, health, and pique of personality of both you and your bird.

Since the correct bar spacing is the most important aspect of selecting a home for your parrots, you should take a look at our handy chart...or you can just choose your bird's breed at the link below and eliminate all the guesswork! It's important that the model you select fits well in your home and is also appropriately sized for your birds.

To make the shopping process easier for you, we have listed all cages for birds by category. You can navigate and filter through our selection of bird cages and supplies by size, style, brand, species, or accessory in the main menu. You can be sure that we have something to please your flock!

Take a look around, and PLEASE let us know if you have any questions. We are passionate about parrots just like you are, and we're always happy to provide industry-leading customer support to help you make the best buying decisions for your feathered friend!

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