Finch Bird Cages

finch perched on a feederThe jaw-dropping beauty and relative ease of care for Finches makes them very popular pets!

Investing in a quality enclosure setup - whether an indoor flight cage with stand or full-blown outdoor aviary - is vital to the health of your energetic birds.

The key in selecting the right cage for Finches is to make sure the bar spacing is 1/2 inch or less and ensure the minimum cage size is 24" (Wide) x 18" (Deep) x 18" (Height) for a pair of these birds.

If you have more than two birds, we recommend a large flight unit or aviary.

Our team of experts has carefully selected by hand each of the best Finch cage options below for you to choose from:

What To Expect

Finches are a small, playful and fun species, but fairly quiet for those looking for a little bit more peace around the house. Whether you have the popular Zebra Finch or rainbow-colored Gouldian, these feathered friends are sure to brighten your day!

Just like with Doves and other tranquil species, your Finch's home means everything to them - it's where they spend a large chunk of their life either inside the cage or hanging freely outdoors. Be a great owner and gift them one of these amazing habitats today.

These small, beautiful birdies come in a variety of species that make them perfect for both new owners and experienced keepers. They are also great pet birds for kids.

And, we only stock the best brands with top-quality construction to last the test of time for your pet Finch - you won't find any of those cheap knock-offs here!