Senegal Parrot Cages

Senegal parrot playing with a wooden blockSenegals are lifelong companions - colorful, comical, and yet appropriately quiet for small households, these birds make amazing pets.

Members of the Poicephalus bird family, to call this parrot a pet may not be fair; they are more like “family”, with lifespans stretching up to fifty years in captivity. As a proud owner, you have come to the right conclusion in investing in the best Senegal cage for this prized member of your flock.

These birds need plenty of space inside their enclosure to play, as they love to climb and are known for being acrobatic! They also need at least an hour each day to have fun outside of their enclosures.

We recommend choosing a unit with bar spacing of 5/8" to 3/4" and a minimum cage size of 24" x 24" x 24" to keep your beautiful birdie active.

Each of the below hand-picked cage options is perfect for your parrot:

Giving your Senegal bird a playtop cage setup is a great way to keep them entertained or you can pair any of our enclosures specially hand-picked by our experts with a fun play stand or recreation center.

Dometop enclosures are also excellent for climbing on. Each of the home units above has been carefully selected by our staff to be perfect habitats for these pets. We also have breeder setups and more cage types by species available for those looking to get more involved with other feathered friends, regardless of size.

You will be delighted to find that almost all of our units come in a variety of gorgeous colors to compliment any in-home design setup. If you have any questions about what your Senegal or Meyer's parrot needs or any assistance you need for his new home, please call or write to our experienced customer service staff today.

We will happily navigate you through each of our wide enclosure options..