Bird Cage Covers (Small to Extra Large)

two parrot cage covers, one unveiled and one completely enclosed

We are proud to offer premier bird cage covers by Cozzzy Bird. A high-quality parrot cage cover is vital to your bird's health, and many bird owners just don't know it!

Tropical birds are native to the jungles & rainforests in areas right along the equator. In these regions, it is generally dark for 10-12 hours for the 24-hour cycle. So it is crucial that your bird gets a good night's sleep with a minimum of 10 hours of complete darkness.

You wouldn't sleep with the lights on, would you? 

Just like with people, a bird's rest can be easily disturbed by light and noise even in a secure environment. Pet birds that seem tired or misbehave are often a result of a lack of proper sleep patterns and unnatural Circadian rhythm. The easiest way to give your feathered friend the rest they need is by buying the best cover possible for their home. 

CozzzyBird Covers are made to provide almost complete darkness for your feathered friend while providing proper ventilation. These covers work with most of our Avian Adventures and A&E Cages.

All birdcage covers below are made with lightweight poly-cotton blend that's thin, durable, and even machine washable (wash on delicate with warm/cold water)The poly-cotton fabric is non-toxic and allows fresh oxygen to flow freely in & out while providing natural darkness for their comfort.

These products even ship for free within the contiguous USA (international shipping is also available).

How Do I Choose The Right Sized Cover?

If you have a standard large premium bird cage, measure both the width and depth of the enclosure. Then, look through the size ranges in the product names below to choose the best playtop, dometop, or flat top universal cover for you.

  • Example: If you have a smaller Dometop cage that measures 22" wide by 24" deep, your cage fits in the range encompassed by the 2424DT - 22-24" (Width) x 20-24" (Depth) Dometop Cage Cover below. 

Enjoy a healthier and happier pet bird by investing in a new cover today!

Pro Tip: Many parrot parents try to improvise with an old bed sheet or piece of fabric in an attempt at a DIY homemade option. We highly recommend NOT doing this if you are not a fabric expert since the material you choose could be either non-breathable or toxic to your bird. A professionally-made product is one of the best ways to protect your bird and also keep them warm in the winter.

Trust us on this one: stick with one of the proven, highly reviewed, and recommended options above from CozzzyBird. This way both you AND your bird will sleep well at night knowing they are safe and sound :)