Best Parakeet Bird Cages

colorful 'keet perched & posing in a treeThe Parakeet species is often regarded as “the perfect pet birds”. These smaller parrots are affordable, love to play and explore, love their human friends, and simultaneously love their independence.

The Parakeet family includes subspecies such as Budgerigars, Indian Ringnecks, Monks, Rosellas, and more! Alexandrines are among the largest member of this diverse family.

It's very important to select the right small or large Parakeet bird cage to maintain the health and happiness of your favorite feathered friend.

For most smaller to medium 'keets, stick with bar spacing of no more than 1/2 inch and a minimum cage size of 18" (Width) x 18" (Depth) x 24" (Height). Look for wider "flight" cages to give these birdies plenty of space to fly around for exercise.

For the larger (and especially taller) Alexandrine and Ringneck Parakeets, suitable bar spacing ranges from 5/8 inch to 3/4 inch, and a minimum large Parakeet cage size of 24" (Width) x 24" (Depth) x 36" (Height) to accommodate their long tail feathers.

Shop below from our top picks, keeping in mind whether your birdie is considered a smaller or larger Parakeet:

The carefully selected variety of enclosures by our team of experts shown above follow the exact rules for housing this unique bird. These cage options by species provide your 'keet with plenty of space and things to play with to avoid Parakeet head bobbing.

If your budget and space are constrained, you can choose a smaller enclosure so long as you are willing to allow your pet at least a couple hours a day to play outside their unit.

Usually, because of the active lifestyles that Parakeets as pets have, it is ideal to invest in at least a medium-sized home to give them plenty of room to roam and space to play with their toys.

We have several playtop, dometop, and flight cage options available so that your Parakeet can leave the inside of their enclosure, stay active, and keep happy.

Check out the following pages if you are looking for a Budgie cage or for a Monk Parakeet cage.

We also offer large flight enclosures for those of you who really want to give your bird additional space or are keeping multiple birds. And there are breeder enclosures for the professional keepers out there!

Carefully look through the high-quality Parakeet setups selection we have chosen for you here and you are sure to find exactly the size and style you are looking for.