Budgie Bird Cages - Spacious Selections With Tight Bar Spacing

Your Budgie can be a challenging bird to find the perfect cage for.

If you have a single Budgie, any small budgie enclosure with 1/2" to 5/8" bar spacing will work just fine.

However, if you have 2 or more Budgies, your goal should be to find the largest budgie enclosure (internally) you can find with bar spacing no wider than 5/8"! Take note of that for future Budgies owners.

As you probably know, Budgies love being active and they are very social birds, so an open budgie enclosure with numerous perches and "play spots" is ideal. Check out one of the hand-picked options for budgies our team of experts at Bird Cages Now have gathered for you.

Consider a budgie enclosure something that is inexpensive, has tight bar spacing, and gives your budgie bird(s) a ton of space at the same time.

Think you can handle that? Our team of budgie experts at Bird Cages Now have done the work for you, now you can check out our customized Budgie offerings right away.