Caique Bird Cages

caique parrot perchedEnergetic Caiques are known for forming long-lasting relationships with their human friends.

Make sure you are considered a beloved friend of your Caique - not a foe - by investing in a high-quality home for your feisty little feathered creature.

Caique parrots deserve a great home - that's why you're here!

To properly care for this bird, look for units with a bar spacing of 1/2 inch to 5/8 inch (can go up to 7/8 inch for larger birds) and minimum cage size of 24" (Width) x 24" (Depth) x 30" (Height).

Keep in mind that Caiques will use every single inch of space you give them! We've hand-selected each enclosure below so that you can find the perfect Caique cage with ease:

No matter what style of enclosure you are looking for, we have you covered - from playtop cages, to dometop setups, victorian style, to breeder and travel units. We also have a wide selection of gorgeous cage styles and colors to go with any room's theme and design that will keep your colorful pet happy and healthy all their life.

Take a look through the wide parrot home selection our team at Bird Cages Now has got for you including the best name brands.

You won't have to worry about missing features that your parrot would truly enjoy.

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