Lorikeet (Lory) Bird Cages

lorry bird perched on broken-off tree limbLorikeets are widely regarded as some of the most beautiful birds in the animal kingdom for good reason. These medium-sized parrots have bright, stunning color arrays that are enough to make most jaws drop at first sight!

Proudly display your colorful birds in a home they can be proud of and invest in our carefully crafted selection of the best Lory bird cages today.

Optimal bar spacing is 5/8 inch to 3/4 inch depending on the exact species and cage size should be a minimum of 24" (Width) x 24" (Depth) x 24" (Height) for smaller parrots.

Each unit below has been hand-picked with the perfect size, bar spacing, and feature combination setup to make your Lorikeet happy (note some of the bigger options shown have wider 7/8" bar spacing which will only work best for larger birds):

In Summary

These playful, curious, active, and acrobatic parrots love to show off: give them a habitat that allows them to be their unique selves.

Your new feathered family member will be with you for decades to come. Invest in one of our carefully chosen high-quality medium-sized bird cages shown above; they are built to last and to keep your rainbow Lorikeet happy for life.

Choose Lorikeet enclosures from several feature combinations, including elegant colors, different tops (such as playtop setups and dometop enclosures), and enclosure sizes.

If you want to discuss the best home for your Loriini or other species, feel free to reach out to one of our friendly customer service specialists here at Bird Cages Now today. We will be thrilled to assist you in welcoming your beautiful Lorikeet.