African Grey Parrot Bird Cages

African gray parrot perched on a tree branch

African Greys are smart parrots, often regarded as some of the smartest on earth. Be the smart owner your Grey deserves and invest in a parrot cage that perfectly suits your pet's needs!

The great news when shopping for these clever creatures is that their needs are so flexible when it comes to cage design options...

You'll find that almost any cage size (within reason) or style enclosure for sale will work for these birds. While other species on the very small or very large size spectrum may have limited options, this is simply not the case with the best African Grey parrot cage (whether for a Timneh or Congo).

We recommend bar spacing of 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch for smaller birds while larger Greys should have a home with a spacing of 3/4 inch to 1 inch (which are shown below).

Also, look to provide your African Grey with a cage size of at least 34" (Wide) x 24" (Deep) x 36" (Height) for ample room to spread his wings and avoid touching the enclosure sides or bottom with his tail.

Each of the below options has been hand-picked for your African feathered friend to feel right at home:

Which One to Pick?

As the proud owner of this remarkable creature, you know that your pet bird has a light grey plumage that isn't quite as colorful as other species...but that doesn't mean its enclosure can't be colorful! Be sure to check out some of the most colorful options for sale above.

Every one of the best African Grey cages for sale has been carefully added to the list by our loving staff because of its ability to meet the needs of your most beautiful and intelligent parrot.

Additionally, be sure the cage size is large enough for toys and other goodies to keep your bird entertained!

Be sure to check out the many color options we have available to match your Timneh or Congo African Grey's (and your own!) style. Your new companion bird will be thrilled with the amazing travel accessories and toys and a lot more choices we've assembled for you here, regardless of their species.