Bird Cage Bar Spacing Guide

Bar spacing is the most vital factor when selecting a bird cage. Choosing a cage with bar spacing that's too wide could result in your bird escaping from its cage, or worse yet, injuring itself when trying to escape!

It is also crucial to select a cage that's adequately sized regarding its internal dimensions. That's extremely important to the health of your bird as well.

This makes for an interesting dilemma when selecting a bird cage:

You want the cage to be large enough for your bird to spread its wings, but the bar spacing can't be too wide either. And generally, as the cages increase in size, the bar spacing goes up as well.

So how do you pick the best cage?

The Bird Cages by Species Page is great for helping you with your cage selection. We have already done the homework for you and all you have to do is navigate to that page and select your bird's species!

Every cage you see on the species page automatically meets the criteria in the table below and is tailored for the desired species. Cage shopping couldn't be any easier than that! 

However, in case you are wondering about what the best bar spacing is for your bird we have created the handy table below. It displays the ideal bar spacing range for each size of bird cage (small, medium, large) as well as the exact species it applies to.

Bird Cage Bar Spacing Table



Ideal Bar Spacing

Small Birds

1/2" to 5/8"

Medium Birds

1/2" to 3/4"

Large Birds

3/4" to 1"


Note: You can click on each species of bird in the chart above to see the specific cages that are recommended for that particular species. Or just go directly to our Bird Cages by Species page to choose from the most common pet birds.