The Top 5 Best Suet Bird Feeders To Attract Woodpeckers & Chickadees (Single & Double Cake Cages)

Are you struggling to attract Woodpeckers, Chickadees, or other enchanting birds to have a taste of suet in your yard?

Don’t suet it ;)

We’ve got you covered.

You need to get a suet feeder to attract these beautiful birds and repel bullies like Grackles.

Suet feeders are designed without perches to make sure that only Woodpeckers and similar birds are attracted and can feed on the suet.

With this in mind, we compiled a list of the top 5 best suet feeders with varying price and quality. To make things even easier for you, I’ll explain the features of each feeder in this guide.

Quick Picks:

  1. Best Overall: Stokes Select Two Cake Suet Buffet
  2. Best Budget Buy: Stokes Select Single Suet Feeder
  3. Best for Small Birds: Nature's Way Cedar Suet Upside-Down Feeder
  4. Best for Large Birds: Birds Choice 2-Cake Pileated Suet Feeder
  5. Best Window Feeder: Kettle Moraine Window Mount

5 Best Suet Bird Feeders Reviewed

1. Best Overall - Stokes Select Two Cake Suet Buffet

The Stokes Select Two Cake Buffet claims the top spot because of its all-around effectiveness.

The grid system of the design makes it a good attraction for woodpeckers and other birds that cling.

The feeder has room for one to two suet cakes which saves you the stress of filling it every now and then.

One unique feature i like about this feeder is its metal-like roof. It shades the suet from sun, rain, or snow and also prevents less acrobatic birds a bit from feasting.

Nice, right?

But that’s not all.

It does a good job of keeping the suet locked in the feeder and almost impenetrable to cats using its double lock system. But don’t place the feeder in the arm’s reach of the squirrels for this reason.

Also, it comes with a sturdy build and double-side suet cage system that allows large birds and smaller ones feed at the same time. I once saw a large downy woodpecker on one side and two smaller birds on the other.

The wire mesh is also rust-resistant.

To conclude, I’ve saved the best for the last. The price is quite a steal considering that you’d pay more for less durable feeders with its same design.

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2. Best Budget Buy - Stokes Select Suet Bird Feeder, One Suet Capacity

Stokes Select is obviously a good brand for it to get on this list twice. This feeder is the best choice if you look to attract tree tappers to your backyard.

It has a rather simple design but just enough to get its job done.

The suet holder fits small to medium sized suet cakes and it easy to clean and refill. The lock is actually durable and won’t flinch open each time the birds feast on the fatty delicacy.

For its price, the quality of the feeder is sturdy and stays shut. Also, powder coating doesn’t peel easily from wear and tear. Not to mention its hook makes it easier to hang, and safer than the chain-type feeders.

Although, some users have complained of its lock system popping open after a few months. But this can be expected and it doesn’t put a wound in your wallet to buy two or three in a year.

Cons – It gets blown off easily in breezy areas.

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3. Best for Small Birds - Nature's Way Cedar Suet Upside-Down Bird Feeder

The Nature's Way Upside-Down Feeder is the best choice for bird lovers attracting invasive birds like Grackles and Starlings rather than Peckers and Tits.

The roofing system prevents the suet cake from the weather.

But the innovative part about the roof is that it serves as a medium to refill. It’s as easy as opening a chest.

Plus, it makes cleaning easy for you compared to other stylish feeders.

The upside down design makes only birds that are acrobatic, such as Nuthatches and Woodpeckers welcomed. On the other hand, it sometimes takes a while before your birds find the treasure.

But that’s not the main issue.

The issue I found with this suet feeder is that the quality of the roofing material is questionable.

Some people have complained of it splitting after a few months or even weeks.

Despite this, it’s still a great choice against invasive birds.

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4. Best for Large Birds - Birds Choice 2-Cake Pileated Suet Feeder

The tail-prop design of this suet feeder is suited perfectly for Woodpeckers. With the tail-prop, your lovely peckers can feast comfortably by supporting its tail on the protruding from the feeder.

Its name – Pileated Suet Feeder – speaks for itself as its long tail prop makes it the perfect feeder for large Pileated Woodpecker.

The two wire mesh pieces that hold the suet makes it very easy to clean. Also, it’s easy to fill and the two-cake space makes feeding less stressful.

One last thing I like about this feeder is its resin material. It doesn’t hold mold which can be toxic to the birds.

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5. Best Window Feeder - Kettle Moraine Window Mount Single Suet Cake Woodpecker Bird Feeder

I really like this Kettle Moraine bird feeder.

Well, except the gooey mess the birds leave on the window at times...

It makes you feel closer to the birds and the cats get to enjoy their company too. Plus, it’s the perfect choice for folks living in a second floor apartment or higher.

The build quality is of high quality. The suction cups hold the suet feeder in place even when a few birds are having a brawl over the treat.

I once saw a Bald Eagle assaulting the feeder for a taste of the suet.  

Unlike other window feeders, the quality is great.

It does well in zero temperature which is the best time to attract Chickadees and Woodpeckers with suet.

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What Is A Suet Bird Feeder And How Does It Work?

A suet bird feeder is constructed with a cage-like design and has no perches. The feeder is mainly metal grid or a plastic bag that holds the suet cake in place.

The suet feeder is designed to allow attract woodpeckers, chickadees, and nuthatches to feed the way they like. But the main attraction for them is suet.

Using a suet feeder is quite easy:

You place a block of suet cake in the grid cage and shut it tight.

It’s that simple.

All you have to do next is sit tight for the birds to come for a bite. However, to prevent feeding squirrels, it has to be strategically hung.

On the hand, there is also a suet log feeder which is quite common. For use, holes are drilled into a hung log and filled with suet.

What’s The Best Way To Hang A Suet Feeder Away From Squirrels?

Make sure you hang the suet feeder at least 5-6 feet off the ground. Also, it has to be hung about 12-15 ft away from a tree, gutter or any place squirrels can jump from.

It can be hung anywhere you like it as long as it follows this method, else it will be ineffective.

You can do this by hanging the feeder on a free-standing pole.

Another top-rated way to prevent the squirrels is to place a baffle above and beneath the feeder. A baffle is a plastic cone-like device that restricts squirrels from accessing a feeder.

You’d see better results with a tilting baffle because it shifts as soon as a squirrel tries to land or reach it. Using the cones with the method mentioned earlier makes it almost impossible for the squirrels to take off with the whole suet.

However, in the unlikely situation that the squirrels persist, put a tray feeder with their favorites like acorns and nuts far away from the feeders.

This reduces their competition for the more expensive bird feed.

two birds on hanging suet feeder

How Do You Keep Grackles Out Of Suet Feeders?

The easiest way is to make it uncomfortable for them to eat from the feeder.

How can you do this, you ask?

First, you need to make sure the feeder doesn’t have a perch. It most likely doesn’t have one.

But, if the birds still find their way around the feeder, consider getting an inverted bird feeder.

This works really well.

The grackles and starlings won’t eat from the feeder or will only struggle to eat a little.

    How Do I Use A Window Suet Feeder?

    It might seem just as easy as attaching the suction cup to the window. While that may be true, there are other things you should consider before attaching the feeder to your window:

    • Ensure you place it in a location where you can easily clean the bird poop or at least can be approved by you.
    • Place it well above window ledges and away from gutters which will give squirrels a foothold to grab it.
    • Attach a string to the feeder if the area outside the window is inaccessible or hard to access.

    Guidelines for Using Suet and Suet Feeders

    Now, you know the best ways to hang a suet feeder away from “bullies” and for your desired birds alone.

    Here are other things you may need to know while using one for the best results.

    woodpeckers attracted to suet feedr

    #1 Be Careful With Suet Placement

    If you are feeding the birds suet in warmer temperatures, place the feeder in a shady or cooler area.

    This prevents the suet from melting easily which makes it turn rancid, which can be dangerous if the birds eat it or just by touching their feathers.

    Also, it’s best to fill the feeder with the amount of suet the birds can go through in a day.

    Plus, you should consider feeding suet in cooler months to avoid the downsides mentioned above.

    #2 Don’t Be Dirty

    Wash the feeder properly each time you refill it with a suet cake.

    But if the previous suet liquefied, it is best to soak it in hot water and wash with a grease removing soap.

    Then rinse thoroughly, preferably with a pressured hose, and wait until it is dry to refill and place outside.

    #3 Do Not Bleach

    While washing bird feeders, it’s better if you don’t use bleach as a disinfectant.

    Rather, use vinegar or other natural cleaners to wash/disinfect the feeder and rinse thoroughly.

    Sometimes, using bleach on a feeder may chase them off or make them move to another feeder in your backyard if the solution isn’t balanced or rinsed thoroughly.


    Suet feeders are a great way to attract new species of birds, especially Woodpeckers to your backyard.

    In this suet feeder review, I feel there will be one which meets your needs.

    Just so you know, I picked the Stokes Select Two Cake Suet Buffet as the overall best suet feeder for you.

    It is easy to clean and refill, protect your suet from weather damage, and is built with sturdy anti-rust materials.