3 Easy Ways to Keep Your Budgie Entertained

Budgies, also known as parakeets, are native to australia and are amongst the smallest parrots in the world. Budgies in the wild are known to be green and yellow, but over time selective breeding in captivity has created color combinations of yellow, blue, grey and white.

Budgies are very popular because they can be Social, Playful, Lively, and extremely easy to tame. Male budgies are considered one of the best talkers among many bird owners. Although it can be a challenge to entertain your budgie at times, it is vital to keep him/ her content.


Budgies are extremely social creatures and require a lot of attention from humans, daily. You can keep your budgie entertained and connected, even while doing daily activities around the home.

While you are doing something, such as laundry, move his cage into the room with you and talk to him and explain what you are doing. While you watch TV keep his cage near you and provide some commentary of your own about the show. Play interactive games with him as often as you can.

For example, hold a mirror a few inches from your budgie and wait till he runs toward his reflection. As he closes in on the mirror, change its direction to keep him entertained and chasing.

TV, Radio, Visual Environment

When your budgie finds himself alone, he can become bored very easily or can have trouble coping during your absence.

In order to prevent this from happening owners should leave a TV or Radio on, which will provide comfort, while teaching him new words and provoking him to talk back. Plus, parrots have their own music preferences so they will love to listen to different tunes. 

In order to keep your budgie visually entertained, place his cage near a windowsill so that he can watch cars, people, and wildlife. Hang a bird feeder right outside the window for some additional entertainment, but never leave the cage in direct sunlight.

Feathered Companion

If you’re not able to spend a lot of time with your budgie, get him a bird buddy to offer companionship and keep him entertained while you are away.

If you own a male budgie, it is best to select another male budgie as a companion for the most harmonious relationship. Often times female budgies tend to dominate social interactions, which can lead to squabbles.

However, if you still decide to get a female companion for a male, be sure to get a large enough cage for the male to escape in case the female rejects his courtship advances and or becomes angry. Try to avoid keeping two female budgies together, they are very territorial, and fight and squawk over space.

Hopefully you follow some of these tips in order to help you and your budgie build a lifelong relationship of happiness and cooperation!

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