How Safe Are Grapes For Parakeets And Budgies? Types & Quantity Of Fruit Treats You Can Feed Your Pet Birds

It’s common for any pet bird owner to want to share their food with their pets.


There are certain types of food that can be harmful for them, so it is important to know whether or not to feed it to them.

Can Parakeets Eat Grapes?

Wholesome foods, such as fruits like grapes, are necessary for Parakeets. These help them meet their body needs and requirements.

They are extremely beneficial as they provide minerals such as Potassium and Manganese as well as vitamins A and C.

You may be asking, can parakeets have grapes that aren’t seedless? Yes, they can. In fact, grape seeds are perfectly safe for parakeets to consume. Seedless grapes are beneficial for your pet bird too, as they find them easier to eat and digest.

And if you don’t have regular access to the necessary fresh fruits for their diet, you might be thinking about dried fruits.

Can parakeets eat grapes that are dehydrated?

Indeed, dried grapes or Raisins are safe and very healthy for parakeets. As a matter of fact, you may even find your bird liking raisins more than they like fresh grapes. This is because raisins come in a size and texture that are easier for them to eat and digest.

Aside from that, dried fruits are known to be sweeter or have a higher sugar content than fresh fruits, which certainly do attract the parakeet’s appetite.

Can Budgies Eat Grapes?

Grapes contain a high amount of fructose, or sugar in other terms. This may be beneficial for some birds as it provides them energy. 

However, budgies are tiny birds who don’t need that much sugar content. They also have a very sensitive digestive system, that’s why you should NEVER feed them grapes on a daily basis

So can budgies eat grapes if it is in moderation? Yes!

The bright side is, grapes still have a lot of benefits for birds and are non-toxic. 

So it’s not really a bad idea to use them as a healthy treat for your budgies as long as you give it to them in small portions.

Remember that you can only let them have one or two grapes a week. If you feed them grapes on a regular basis or feed them too much of it, your budgie could suffer from numerous health problems such as obesity. 

And if parakeets can have grapes that are dehydrated, these are a very big no-no for budgies as they have a much higher sugar content that is unnecessary for budgies.

Feeding Safety

And now that you know whether or not to feed your parakeet/budgie grapes, it is still important to have extra knowledge to avoid any harm

Rinse It Thoroughly

You should always wash any fruit or vegetables you offer to them... And grapes are not an exception. They may be healthy, but you should keep in mind that even grapes can come with chemicals like pesticides and mildly toxic fertilizers.

You wouldn’t want to accidentally feed them anything laced with pesticides or fertilizers since even the smallest drop of chemicals can harm your parakeet/budgie.

Cut Them Smaller

If the grapes you’ll be giving them aren't smaller than the tip of your pinkie finger, then you need to cut them in half or more. This will help them consume the grapes in a faster and easier way.

Aside from that, parakeets and budgies are known to be attracted to food that are in smaller portions since bigger foods can seem challenging for them to consume.

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