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Bird Playstands

A playstand or recreation center is vital for the health and happiness of your bird! Bird experts know & have been telling bird owners for years that your bird needs a place to place that's away from its cage. Your bird needs to feel that sense of adventure that goes along with changing scenary, and that's why it's also recommended to move your bird's play area from room to room around your house.

Experts say that leaving your bird constantly in its cage can lead to obesity, sadness, stress, and boredom. Don't let that be the fate of your bird. Be a good owner and invest in a play station for their good health. Show your pet how much they mean to you. When the bird leaves its cage, it needs the security that comes with having its own perch. These units come equip with that perch to give them the comfort they need. They also include wheels to conveniently move them from room to room, giving your bird the new experiences it needs to keep entertained.

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