The Importance of Bird Cage Cleaning

A Clean Cage and Your Bird’s Health

While birds in the wild are very clean animals, they don’t have access to many of the natural elements they use for bathing when they’re living with you in a cage.

In this article by Megan for, we get some great info on where to locate our bird’s cage and how to keep it clean so that your bird and your family can live in harmony.

Keeping the cage clean will keep your bird happy and healthy, and that translates to good bird/family relations. Check out all the great info by reading the full article here.

Bird Grooming and Cleaning

Dr. Eloise Bright, pet care expert and veterinarian, writing for reminds us in this article that even though a bird is generally a clean animal in its own right, they can be very messy.

Birds tend to scatter their food, water, feathers and anything they can get a grip on, everywhere. In addition, birds are not generally house trained in the way a dog or cat can be, and they excrete their waste when and where the mood strikes them. The article gives us some great tips on how to easily clean these messes up and also provides some tips on how to make clean up easier and some preventative measures to make your daily cleaning adventure easier as well.

You’ll definitely want to read the full article here to get all the helpful advice.

Clean House, Healthy Bird

Not only is keeping your birds cage clean important for their health, but according to this article by Dr. Barbara Nefer for, keeping your home clean is also important.

The article gives you some great tips on what to look for as you clean your bird’s cage so you can ensure their continued health and safety, but it also gives tips on how to make the process easier and on how to divide up the work.

In addition, she gives you great tips on making the house cleaning around the cage easier to manage as well. Nefer explains just how a messy cage and home can be damaging to not only your bird’s health but also your family’s health. Check out all her great insight and helpful tips by reading the full article here.

Tips to Manage Your Pet Bird’s Mess

If keeping your bird’s cage and the area around it are getting you caught in a loop of endless cleaning, then you’re going to love this article by Laura Doering for

In the article Laura gives us the inside scoop on new cage technologies that help you in keeping it clean and cut down on your cleaning time required. From specialized food cups that prevent your bird from flinging their seeds, to cages that have your cleaning requirements in mind and make it much easier with mesh bottoms and trays that you can take out without having to open the cage, the bird industry is always on the lookout for ways to make your job as a responsible bird owner easier. Get all the great info by reading the full article here.


While not a glamorous job worthy of making a movie about, keeping a cage clean it is nonetheless a crucial part of owning a healthy bird.

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  • Thanks for aware people about bird cleaning of bird cages, as humans used to clean their house for their living, birds also require cleaning of cages for a healthy life. I appreciate your information to explain to us how important it is.

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